Content Creation

for a worthwhile customer journey

This is the lifeline of your online business: creating and sharing valuable content with your community while seamlessly leading them on the customer journey, from stranger to raving fan. 

People are consuming content around the clock, so if you aren't generating your own in a way that is easy to find and share, then you are virtually invisible. Together, we can show up with the right content at the right time and increase your community's engagement.

  • Producing an original blog is an effective way to get social followers to visit your site. The beauty of a blog, in addition to having complete control of its content, is that it can play many different roles. It can amuse your audience, solve a problem they have, or persuade them to take an action on your site.

Solution:  If you already have a blog, then I will research, write and edit blog posts in sync with your marketing strategy and content calendar. If you would like to launch a blog, I will help set up the landing page, map out a content calendar and produce custom posts. All posts will be optimized for search engines and social media, and I am also happy to help with visuals if needed.

  • Writing guest articles for other publications puts your business in front of a new readership and builds your authority within the industry. The more you share with people on other platforms, like popular blogs or print magazines, the more you are seen as an influencer and expert in your field. That's how writing for a different (but still relevant) audience can make a positive impact on your business.

Solution: After researching top publications in your industry, online and in print, I will help you connect with the corresponding editors and write an article for them based on a mutually agreed upon topic. The article will be published under your name and the byline will link back to your business.

  • Newsletters and autoresponder messages bring you even closer to your community. Both, sent in email form, provide value at every stage of the customer journey—from helpful tips to evergreen articles and special offers. Since email greatly outperforms social in converting prospects into customers, this is an essential piece of the marketing puzzle.

Solution: Whether you have an email list or are just beginning to build one, I will verify that your email opt-in form is clearly visible on your site and optimized for performance. Then I will put together a calendar with newsletter and autoresponder topics and dates. Finally, I will write, design and schedule the emails using an automation tool like MailChimp.

Vibrant and personal content is what attracts the right type of person to your site. Once they get there, they can sign up for your newsletter and really get to know you and what you stand for. 

Let content be the bridge between prospects and customers, providing a way for people to get closer to your brand. As soon as they make the leap, content will also serve as the path through a loyal customer journey.

Thank you for writing super engaging & quality articles for us, Celeste. It’s helped us strengthen relationships with our audience!

Ed, Founder of EVOSSI evossi logo

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