Content Marketing Solutions

for growing your business and online community

Collaborate with me on your content, marketing, and social media strategies to turn your business into a journey that others want to be a part of. Together, we will tell your story in a meaningful and relevant way, adding value to your online community while growing your business.

As an experienced marketer, editor and journalist, I will be more than a scribe for your company. I will soak up everything there is to know about your current content marketing strategy and brand identity and produce solutions tailored to your business. Here's exactly how I can help:

Marketing Strategy

Refining your current marketing plan and brand strategy will narrow your focus and increase your audience. Key components include:

  • Identifying your ideal customer
  • Developing your unique selling proposition
  • Evaluating your website's content in terms of clarity and engagement

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marketing strategy



Content creation

Content Creation

Producing original content on your site, social media pages and in your newsletters is essential to running an online business. Custom solutions include:

  • Setting up a blog and writing blog posts
  • Composing guest articles for other publications
  • Creating newsletters and autoresponder messages

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Social Media Guidance

Actionable tips and performance measuring tools help you create an engaging conversation with your online community. Coaching services include:

  • Finding your voice and choosing strong visuals
  • Establishing best social media practices
  • Setting up the right tools for measuring engagement

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social media guidance

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