Custom Content review

to make your business more attractive and engaging for customers

Your website has been up and running for a while now and ... well, you feel like it could use some spiffing up. You're wondering how to make it more appealing to your audience and helpful for first-time visitors.
Or, maybe you just launched your online business and would love someone—preferably not related to you and who ideally has marketing and writing expertiseto go over your content and make sure it's set up for success.
If you're nodding along with me, then this is for you.
This free content evaluation* is designed to give you valuable feedback on your website's content. Specifically, it's a custom review that tells you how your online business stands with respect to the following:
  • Content clarity — are the messages on your homepage, about page and primary landing pages clear and easy to understand?
  • Headlines — are your headlines and corresponding photos compelling, and do they accurately represent the value your content provides for your audience?
  • Calls to action — do they visually and verbally jump out at the reader and tell them exactly what to do next?

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How it works

It's easy. To sign up for your evaluation, you just need to fill out a few website details below, hit submit and your request will land in my inbox.
Next, I will carefully go over your website's content, evaluating its content clarity, headlines and calls to action, and put my feedback together in a nice, clean document.
This document will include specific recommendations and action items, based on your company's message and ethos, on how to improve your site's messaging and attract a more engaged audience.
Once your review is complete, you'll receive a three-page, digital document similar to this, right in your inbox.

The thought and originality with which you compose your blogs continues to please and inspire.

Yorke, Historical Preservation Developer

So, ready to spiff up your site and enhance your customer journey? Simply fill out the form below and your evaluation will be in the works.

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*Free content evaluations are only applied to business websites and offered once per business.