Content Audit

How to Attract More People to Your Website

Do you ever feel like having a blog is pointless because hardly anyone visits your website?

Maybe you used to have a blog but stopped updating it because people weren’t seeing it, much less reading it. Now you feel like your website’s content just gets lost in the noise and can’t get anyone’s attention.

To see what’s really going on and how you can begin to fix it, we’ve created a content audit to help you:

• Know what people are searching for in your field of expertise
• See how your website ranks as a whole on search engine result pages (i.e. your Domain Authority)
• Identify your website’s highest performing pages on search
• Come up with a list of relevant keywords and topic ideas that people are searching for in your industry
• Pinpoint 3 top call-to-actions so content can better persuade people to take action

 We are offering a free content audit to any museum, heritage centre or art gallery between now and May 17th to help improve their content strategy before reopening their doors to the public.

To register your interest, please enter your email address and website below and we will be in touch shortly.

Content Audit
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