Website design

for a friendly and fulfilling customer experience

You want your home base, or your website, to be a place where visitors can learn more about your company, find answers to their questions and discover interesting new information. It is a content marketing engine that gives readers something valuable in return for their time.

Your home base should be clean, organized and inviting. Since you have complete say over its look and feel, you can make it stylish or sophisticated, sleek or simple. Most importantly, though, the design and layout should be professional, user-friendly and easy to understand.

  • Evaluating your current site design is a great way to take a step back and look at your website from an objective point of view. Is it professional? Does it load quickly? Are the pages organized in an intuitive manner? It's important to see these things from your audience's perspective so that your site can deliver a top-notch user experience and convert more traffic into sales and leads.

Solution:  I will complete a comprehensive review of your site's design, layout and front-end performance. My focus will be on professional appearance, user experience, loading speed, eye-catching visuals and clear call to actions.

  • A design proposal is the second part of the site evaluation that gives you a clear, detailed picture of how to improve your site's layout and functionality. This is so that you have all the information and action items you need—presented in a no-fuss way—in order to update and enhance your site.

Solution: Using the comprehensive review of your site, I will put together a neat document with recommendations for your site. This proposal will include specific feedback that is tailored to your mission statement and brand identity. All action items will be able to be carried out by a professional designer or Rainmaker Digital (see solution below).

  • Redesigning your website is the final (and fun!) part of breathing new life into your home base. If a visual element always bothers you, a technical error keeps popping up or you think a call to action could be better at attracting customers, then now is the time to fix it and begin reaping in the benefits.

Solution: Depending on whether you have a site already or are looking to set one up, I will connect you with my professional designer colleague or the Rainmaker Digital team. If you'd like to start a new site from scratch or move your existing site to a new platform, then Rainmaker Digital is the way to go. If you'd like to make a few design changes, then the graphic designer I have worked with in the past, will be a perfect fit.

A website with personality and pages that bring your vision to life is a place where your community enjoys going. They can feel the passion you have for your product and service and are compelled to learn more, even stick around. 

It's a window into your business and a map of your business. So regardless of what stage your website is in, it is my goal to get it looking and performing at its very best. Together, we can create a home base you are proud of and your audience is excited to visit.

Contact me using the form below or by email at to chat about a custom solution for your business. If you don't know exactly what kind of service you need, don't worry. We can iron out the details over a free, no-strings-attached phone call.

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