Culture has always been a big part of my life. Born and raised in New Orleans, I was always surrounded by the performing and visual arts. Music festivals and art walks filled my weekends, and 20 years on, living in London, my interest and experience in the arts and cultural heritage has only grown greater.

This innate sense of expression, storytelling and sharing cultural experiences is what drives CBA Content.

As the UK’s art and heritage sectors increasingly move online to connect with a wider audience, we are here to help conservation organisations, museums, art galleries and historic sites tell their story in an exciting, accessible and meaningful way.

Celeste Allen

We are here to tell your story
in an exciting, accessible
and meaningful way.

As a writer and storyteller interested in artistic depth, my goal at CBA Content is to help our audience and fellow creators weave the essence of art into marketing strategies.

Having started my career as a music journalist, I also currently write for Intelligent Change – a lifestyle and wellness brand – where I help readers live more mindful and fulfilling lives.

In writing, I like to feel my way through words. That’s potentially due to my synesthesia – the neurosensory wire-crossing that causes the blending of senses. Musical sounds, letters, or numbers evoke colors in my mind’s eye.

Writers are artists too. That’s why to me, my content is my art.

Kinga Lewandowska
Content Creator

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