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Content Map

The first step gets to the heart of your audience and content goals: Who are you creating content for and what are you trying to achieve?

To help answer this, we lay out a custom Content Map that looks closely at your ideal customers and how your business is uniquely positioned to help them.

We will:

• Provide market, audience and
 competitor research

• Identify themes, topics and
 trends that align with your

• Finalise the project scope:
 content angle, deliverables (length, social copy, imagery) and
 strategy (platform, timing, KPIs)


Create & Excite

Using your Content Map as our guide, this step is all about bringing the content to life.

We will see where your audience’s interests and values overlap with your business’s mission and expertise to create an original, engaging and informative piece of content for your community.

This includes:

• A detailed outline with background research and subheadings

• Interviews with experts and
 industry leaders

• Writing the first draft

• Incorporating your feedback and
 copy edits

• Submitting the final version and
 outstanding deliverables


Track & Optimise

It’s time for your community to enjoy and engage with your content! Once published on the designated platform, we can see how your audience interacts with your content.

These insights will show what people are most interested in and help generate a fresh batch of content ideas.

We do this by tracking:

• Engagement: page views, clicks, social shares

• Audience size across the 
website, social media and

• Conversions: sign-ups, purchases, subscribers

Together, we will
tell your story in a way that
captivates and resonates
with your audience.

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your content
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