An Ode to Art: Why the Human Spirit is Essential to Creative Expression

Creation of Adam

From prehistoric cave paintings to digitally-enhanced images, mankind has come a long way in art production. Creative expression, an exceptionally human trait, is one that makes us stand out among all living things. Yet, in our modern era of increasingly AI-generated content, it’s easy for artists to start feeling a bit disheartened. Because is AI […]

Out With The Old, In With The New: Autumn-Inspired Business Guide

autumn leaves

As the color palette changes outside, as the mornings get brisk and the nights draw in earlier, we begin to feel her presence in the air — Mother Nature’s wise and graceful daughter is on her way. Autumn nudges us to button up our cardigans and relish the cozy bookworms’ season. She comes bearing gifts: […]

Witchcraft and Wizardry: Value-Based Marketing Lessons from Hogwarts


Do you believe in the magic of marketing? Whether you’re a Witch, Wizard, or a Muggle, with your acceptance letter or without, welcome aboard the Hogwarts Express! In this blog post, we’re visiting the most famous school of magic to teach you how to create enchanting content, put a spell on your audience, and charm […]

E-volve: 3 Content-Driven Ways Your Museum Can Grow Online

We’ll play Captain Obvious for a second and say what’s on many museum workers’ minds: there is no stopping the rapid evolution of the digital world and our marketing strategies need to keep up. We know it can be overwhelming and discouraging at times so today we’re stripping what we know down to three essential […]

Swing Into Marketing: Creative Campaigns, Original Strategies, and All That Jazz

Street band

It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing!  Today we are drawing upon the wisdom of JAZZ. Considered the first American art form, jazz originated in New Orleans, Louisiana, among African-American communities in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It then gave the roar to the roaring 20s and birthed R’n’B […]

By the Book: 4 Ways Libraries Can Improve Your Social Media Strategy

A library, which can be a museum or an art gallery in itself, is a goldmine for inspiration and storytelling ideas. As an owner or a manager of a cultural space, in a library, you may find reflections of your own artifacts and artists, and connect the dots between your creative organization and its history, […]

A Christmas Carol: Content Marketing Lessons from Dickensian Ghosts

Stave One: The Spirit of Christmas Joy to the world, it’s that time of year again! Christmas is here, bringing good cheer, and all sorts of incentives for reflection, planning, and resolutions. It’s a unique point in the 12-month period when one chapter is nearing its end and another one is about to begin. This […]

Halloween Marketing Guide: Grave Mistakes and Spooky Good Advice

halloween print

Imagine you’re a witch brewing a potion. It’s perking and bubbling in your cauldron, you keep adding bat wings and spider legs, whatever deemed worthy lands in the mixture. Since losing your grimoire some 90 years ago you’ve been pretty much winging your recipes. Sure, the potions’ potency has diminished and they lack in taste […]