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Halloween Marketing Guide: Grave Mistakes and Spooky Good Advice

Imagine you’re a witch brewing a potion. It’s perking and bubbling in your cauldron, you keep adding bat wings and spider legs, whatever deemed worthy lands in the mixture. Since losing your grimoire some 90 years ago you’ve been pretty much winging your recipes. Sure, the potions’ potency has diminished and they lack in taste a little too, yet they still do the job just fine.

Or, do they? When brewing the perfect piece of content, there are a lot of factors that a seasoned witch should take into account. What matters is what we put into our potion but also how, when, and for whom we deliver it. The perfect content brew needs to be a well-thought-out mixture as it might either send your bubbles far and wide or prove deadly to your campaign.

To show you how to weave your content into a strong and lasting web that will capture your audience, we’ve come up with five spooky marketing dos and don’ts for the Halloween season (and beyond).

1. Add pumpkin spice and everything nice to your content

It might go without saying, but if you want your audience to feel enchanted by what you present, you need to make it interesting. Define your niche and stick to it, yet don’t be afraid to go beyond and borrow elements from (un)related fields to incorporate into your own art. Expand your horizons, observe your surroundings and seek inspiration where you least expect it.

Have an idea about surfing in relation to content planning? Perfect! Want to add a personal touch to your marketing and tell your own story? Fantastic! Taking a fresh look at what you do from time to time is what draws in readers and creates connections with your community. You know, like Starbucks does every year with their signature Pumpkin Spice Latte.

2. Don’t hide skeletons in your closet or sugarcoat the truth

Transparency is key. While our marvelous modern technologies let us cover up the truth all too easily, we think it’s better to tell it like it is. That’s not to say that you should let all your demons out – no need to overshare – however, if it feels like you live under a web of mixed messages, consider airing out current practices and telling your story in a straightforward way.

Also, lead with sincerity and never keep your audience in the dark. Think of it this way: not all witches can be prom queens, but you can’t promise consolation prizes for everyone if you don’t have any. Truth likes to hide in fantasy so make sure your audience is informed with facts and only ever entertained with fiction.

3. Dress up your content for the occasion

In other words, see if there is a particular angle you can take when presenting your message to your audience. When adding that pumpkin spice to your content, try using a point of view that enhances and underlines what you want to communicate. Much like what we’re doing now with this Halloween-themed article!

Inventive examples, wordplay and metaphors, unusual composition, or different spins on common topics all come together to make an interesting attire for your content. Provided that your costume fits with the story you’re sharing, the more imaginative, the better. Trust us, even finances and economics can be fun to write about when you make the topic fresh with your creativity.

4. Never ghost your audience

What do a séance and communicating with your own audience have in common? Apart from the fact that there’s an invisible dimension included in the former, not much. Which is great news because it means your relationship with your readers is a lot less scary and a lot more effective.

In today’s day and age, when we can stay in touch with people all around the world 24/7, there’s no excuse for ghosting your audience. Sure, if there are toxic people within your community, you can easily block them out without a drop of blood (pun intended).

What we’re talking about is connecting with those who care about your mission. These individuals are gold to your business and you don’t want to lose their trust and attention. That means having two-way conversations, replying to their questions, sharing advice, being patient with them, and cheering them on. If you continue to do that, they will do the same for you.

5. Define your witching hour

Now it’s time to get your bats in a row. After all, organization is an essential component of content marketing. Whether it’s being consistent in posting new blog articles, scheduling social media campaigns, or replying to comments and inquiries, time is of the essence.

Do your research and establish what works best for your team and type of business. For instance, if your audience is most active on Instagram, look at the numbers and see when it makes sense to engage with them on that particular platform and post accordingly.

Take your time, experiment, and remember: practice makes perfect. Who knows, maybe all the ghosts, ghouls, and spirits also had to get their bats in a row before they could settle on midnight as the perfect time to scare the living daylights out of us!

Boo! Happy Halloween 🎃

How’s that for a potent content potion recipe? Have we managed to light up any eureka jack-o’-lanterns? Do you feel ready to kick off a killer marketing campaign now? Let us know on CBA Content’s social channels and shoot us a message if you think we can help keep your Halloween basket full of sweet ideas. Until then, hold on to your broomsticks and keep flying high!

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