2 thoughts on “Want to Get Published? Start Here.

  1. Coleman Lawson says:

    Dear Celly,
    Am writing in this box as opposed to usual e-mail address, sort of testing the system. Sorry it’s only me, a fanboy, writing and not a Paying Customer, but I wanted to comment on the 1.31.19 blog.
    Want to say how impressed I am with the Thoroughness and the Thought of the presentation of the subject topic. Just really good and user-friendly. Not too long or speechy, rather, you give aspiring (or temporarily down in the dumps) writers the boost they need, then close shop and call it a day. It’s ‘Good Stuff’, as you Brits can be prone to exclaim sometimes.
    I so hope that this is getting picked up by someone, somewhere, but i don’t how the web world works in this regard. AND that it is translating into commerce…
    Keep all going.
    Warmth and love, Yorke

  2. Celeste Allen says:

    Thank you, Yorke, for your kind note.
    I’m always very happy to hear when a piece resonates with a reader and is also an enjoyable read. It’s conversations like these that spur more ideas on the topic of writing and sharing stories with a wider audience. More good stuff to come… xx

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