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A Summer of Content Adventures and Sunny Outlooks

It’s the last Friday of August and the start of Labor Day weekend in the US – the perfect time to look back on summer and ahead to the fall.

These past three months have been full of travel and content adventures. Both uncovered new territory and CBA Content, in particular, benefitted from new collaborations and content marketing campaigns.

As with any business endeavor, there is value in reflecting what worked well and what could be improved upon next time.

So with that in mind, let’s consider the most valuable takeaways from summer and look forward to the next (exciting!) chapter of CBA Content.

Summer in the rearview

At the beginning of summer, there was a lull in producing content so I focused my efforts on building my portfolio and pitching new clients.

While the portfolio came to life on the site, my letters of introduction didn’t make much headway. On the plus side, I could easily share and celebrate the work I’ve done so far. But on the downside, my prospecting strategy could use some real honing and a fresh pair of eyes (more on that below!).

Then in July, things picked up and CBA Content was in a buzzing weekly routine, collaborating with a new client on a new type of content.

OmniCX, an all-in-one ecommerce platform, teamed up with CBA Content to produce a white paper on creating a convenient, more enjoyable customer experience.

Although it’s still early stages, OmniCX’s partnership has been awesome so far. Not only is the team inspiring to work with but the content we collaborate on is too.

At the same time, CBA Content continued to join forces with the Big Wigs Workshop, British performancewear line EVOSSI and outdoors magazine The Beyonder, strategizing on marketing plans, optimizing landing pages, writing blog posts and creating content for social media.

To wrap up this summer of highlights, I wanted to mention a workshop I recently attended on building a freelance business that supports you financially and creatively. In other words, achieving that elusive balance between success and fulfillment.

The workshop not only encouraged me to take a step back and rethink CBA Content’s goals for the future, but it also helped hold a mirror up to the relationships we’ve formed and the stories we’ve told – Is it the picture we hoped to create? What will the next chapter look like?

Fall on the horizon

After a summer filled with meaningful conversations and engaging content, September is shaping up to be a stellar month for CBA Content.

In the next few weeks, CBA Content will be growing in size (introductions coming soon!) and capabilities. Fresh outlooks, diverse skill sets and unique experiences are just a few things I’m ecstatic about, not to mention the amazing stories we will get to bring to life together.

For marketers, business owners and agencies, CBA Content will roll out new packages complete with different levels of services. For the rest of the community, get ready to hear more about CBA Content’s own story and what makes the work we do worthwhile.

Who else is ready to feel the air get cool and leaves change color? Because a transformative season is on the horizon.

To the next chapter of CBA Content!

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