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Content Quiz: CBA Content’s Ultimate Tool for Refocusing Your Digital Strategy

With countless marketing channels at our fingertips — many of them free or inexpensive to use — it can be difficult to keep your content strategy focused and effective. Blogs, email marketing, social media: how do we cut down on digital noise and create meaningful content that connects with like-minded people?

That’s where our Content Quiz comes into play. Comprised of seven questions, it’s designed to help you refocus your existing content strategy or come up with a new game plan. Whether an evergreen blog or a consistent social media calendar could help attract your ideal audience, this quiz will narrow down your options so you can begin creating content that better resonates with your community.

Simply fill in your email address below to begin.

We hope this quiz serves as a series of signposts to make the path before you clearer and more purposeful. If you would like help with improving your content strategy or coming up with a new content plan, get in touch and let’s set up a time to chat.

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